15 January 2017

Continuing from Yesterday: A Musical Setting by Fr. du Perron


Yesterday I posted some examples of ways in which Coelius Sedulius' great hymn had been translated with the starting point being a translation of the Revd Dr John Mason Neale of memory eternal.

Today I would like to turn your attention to the full text as incorporated into a setting by a French-Canadian Catholic priest, Fr. Nicolas du Perron (d. 1963).  In November of last year, Jeff Ostrowski posted regarding this setting: click here.  He included his own rendition of the setting:

He also provided via the Corpus Christi Watershed website a PDF file for the singer or chorister.  It beautifully shows both what is sung in Latin and provides a clear and excellent translation of the the hymn by Coelius Sedulius from the fifth century A.D.  Even though you may not read music or be a singer, I encourage you to download the PDF and enjoy the beautiful way it is presented and thereby encounter Sedulius' beautiful hymn in a complete form: click here for the PDF.

A final word: please consider financially supporting the work of CCWatershed.  Jeff Ostrowski, the website, and its resources are tremendous treasures of our church.  I cannot stress how important it is to support this apostolate with our prayers, and for those of you with the financial means I urge you to donate to support this work.  

When there is a great deal unstable in the Catholic Church, it is vitally important that we support those bastions of truth and beauty who faithfully carry forward the essential Catholic truths and traditions and likewise bear witness to that unfailing light of our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Omnis terra adorat Te,  Deus!