20 June 2012

Bread of the World

Jeffrey Tucker expressed a desire for the tune 'Rendez-a-Dieu' to receive a worthy Catholic text.  The first verse of 'Bread of the world in mercy broken' by Reginald Heber is beautiful.  Unfortunately, the text is a posthumous one finished by a Protestant friend who did not share Heber's perspective on the theology.  I was asked to try to do something with the text.  I kept one verse that was clearly by Reginald Heber.  I provided three verses that would echo the original but speak in explicitly Catholic terms.  When printed with 'Rendez-a-Dieu' the text appears as though it is two verses long though it is actually four verses in length.  

The following is a .jpg image file. Click on the hymn below to see it in larger format.

The copyright of the text is under Creative Commons 2009 by Vincent Wm Uher III, reprint permission granted with author attribution.