30 June 2012

Full of hope

The newly ordained priests of the Ordinariate are very fortunate.  They have been treated as priests, given respect even during the transition.  They will take up or continue their work as priests within a time frame that is most generous to them.  They will not have the experience of being treated badly by Catholic authorities.  They will come fresh to the work of the Gospel full of hope.  May the Ordinariate always give them a place of hope and light. 

Although their children will be denied the privilege they enjoy of being married priests, these Ordinariate priests have an opportunity to show the virtue and power of a married priesthood in the Latin Rite... something known in the Church's first eleven centuries but now completely eclipsed by the Cluniac reform and its alteration of priestly discipline in the Latin Rite to this day.  May they have abundant success from the Lord Jesus Christ in their ministries, and may their communities and parishes have much joy.

I think especially of my former parish Our Lady of Walsingham in Houston which is now styled Principal Church of the Ordinariate.  In Anglican parlance it would be the Cathedral Church of Our Lady of Walsingham, and the new very young Rector would be its Dean.  Our Lady of Walsingham has not had a priest with a young family since its founding 25 years ago.  It will be a very different experience, and I pray that the introduction of youth and a young family will be a tremendous gift for the people of the Principal Church.

 +Laus Deo.