12 January 2007

Christ my God, my faith discerning

Christ my God, my faith discerning,
Present here through heaven's Bread,
With my heart and mind adoring
By your life my soul is fed.
By your Blood my sins are covered.
By your grace I am renewed.
In your Spirit may I journey
With your light and life imbued.

Magnify, my soul, God's greatness
Even in the day of wrath.
Though great darkness falls on nations
Christ our Light reveals our path.
Let the faithful praise the Body
And the Blood of Christ our Lord --
Holy Wisdom, Word eternal,
Light and Life by all adored.

Calvary's sacrifice and offering
In the Chalice and the Host -
Here is mercy like an ocean
From Our Lord in whom we boast.
With great joy we share his Body
Reverently with hearts raised up.
Pain or blessing, joy or sorrow,
Lovingly we drink his Cup.

We adore the Lord our Brother
In the Sacrament of Life
Cherishing his very Presence
Bringing peace to end all strife.
May we, fed by Christ's own Body,
Serve and see God's kingdom come,
And with all saints praise the Spirit
With the Father and the Son.

Words: Copyright © 1997-2007 by Vincent Uher. All rights reserved.
Suggested tunes: Holy Manna or Hyfrydol
Meter: 87 87 D