12 January 2007

Holy Fire of Jesus' Spirit

Holy fire of Jesus' Spirit
purify my soul and heart.
Fire of love, consume my darkness.
Fire of hope, cleanse every part.
Light of heaven, burning brightly,
heal my wounds and make me whole.
Through thy mercy and compassion
light thy fire within my soul.

Jesus, Son of David, hear me.
Lord, have mercy. Save my life.
I confess I crucified thee.
Now I know thou art my life.
Change me here to bear thy glory;
let my blinded eyes see Light.
Make my broken heart thy temple
and abide there day and night.

God the Son of Mother Mary,
blest are all who keep thy word.
With thy light ablaze within me,
I proclaim what I have heard.
More than words will be my actions
shining bright to draw the world
through thy Sacred Heart to glory
in the Father of the Word.

rds: Copyright © 1999 by Vincent Uher. All rights reserved.
: Hyfrydol
Meter: 87 87 D