17 January 2007

Lift up your hearts today

Lift up your hearts today!
Rise Up! Behold the Way,
The Truth, the Life.
Christ Jesus calls to you,
Opens his heart for you,
Pours out his love anew,
The joy of life.

The peace of Christ we share
With mercy everywhere
For everyone.
God offers all to us
Through Christ and by his Cross.
He has forgiven us,
And made us one.

Welcome are we above,
The Spirit of God's love
Lifts us on high.
Unto the throne of grace
We now behold his face.
As angels fill this place
'Holy!' we cry.

The Supper of the Lord,
Body and Blood outpoured,
God's Bread and Wine.
Heaven and earth are one,
Reconciled in the Son,
Joined in Communion,
Spirit divine.

Here we declare our love
For our great Lord above
God with us all.
Father of lights we praise,
And Comforter always,
To Christ our thanks we raise -
One God of all!

Words: Copyright © 1996 Vincent Uher. All rights reserved.
Tune: Moscow
Meter: 664 6664