21 April 2007

Today is a very great day for the Church Universal!

Today in Scranton, Pennsylvania The Rev. Mr. Eric L. Bergman II will be ordained to the Sacred Priesthood in the Roman Catholic Church. One can learn more about his ordination today on this page on The St. Thomas More Society's website.

My parents and I are very honoured to know Deacon Bergman, and we are overjoyed to see him ordained to the priesthood in Holy Mother Church. He had been an Episcopalian priest. When he was reconciled to the Catholic Church, he brought a congregation of former Episcopalians with him which is something I pray more Episcopalian clergy will do as they convert and are reconciled to the Holy See.

I expect that very soon his congregation now known as the St. Thomas More Society of St. Clare's Catholic Church will be erected as the Catholic Church of St. Thomas More (Anglican Use, Roman Rite) or some variation on that depending upon the Bishop's good pleasure.

Of course, this is also a very great day for all Roman Catholics of Anglican Heritage but also for the whole Church as a new Priest is given by the Blessed Trinity to Holy Church to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and to fulfil all priestly responsibilties of the upward call of God in Christ.