09 December 2007

Beautiful Saviour, Mightiest in Mercy

I wrote this hymn from a poem of mine with the tune Coelites plaudant (Rouen) which is well known in Anglican circles associated as it is with a text used at Michaelmas.

This year I have had requests to use this text during Advent (the Second or Fourth Sunday) but set to
Richard Dirksen's lovely tune Decatur Place. I am always happy to have a text of mine sung to a tune that is well-known by a congregation ... especially when that is one of the newer tunes.

There are many tunes that work successfully with this text and tend to shade its meaning in lovely if unexpected ways. I hope this text will prove useful to all who read it in their Advent journey with Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem in Judea.

The Hymn: Beautiful Saviour, Mightiest in Mercy

Beautiful Saviour, Mightiest in Mercy,
Light piercing darkness, Joy beyond all sorrow,
Wounded for healing, Dying for our saving,
.....................Victim and High Priest.

Son of the Father, Child of Mary Mother,
Just Joseph's dear boy, Cause of Great John's leaping,
Mary's Deliverer, Truest friend to Lazarus,
.....................True God, our High King.

All laud we bring now praising our Belovèd,
Christ Jesus, Saviour, Victor, and Redeemer
Judge of the Living, Judge of the departed,
.....................Come quickly, Jesus.

Words: © 2007 by Vincent Uher. All Rights Reserved.
Other Excellent Suggested tunes:
Iste Confessor
Oblation (which is Crueger's "Lobet den Herren" ),
Coelites Plaudant (Rouen)