20 July 2008

Íngrid Betancourt at Lourdes

Liberated from the FARC by a "miracle of the Virgin", Íngrid Betancourt Pulecio of Colombia
travelled to the Shrine of Our Lady at Lourdes, France in order to give thanks.

The Holy Rosary Íngrid Betancourt made while hostage to the FARC

Andrew Cusack summarised it well:

Ingrid Betancourt has described her liberation as a “miracle from the Virgin Mary” and has revealed how prayer kept her going during her six years and five months in captivity, admitting that the temptation of suicide was ever-present.

President Uribe of Colombia gives credit where credit is due:

This operation that took place in the light of the Holy Spirit, and placed under the protection of our Lord and of the Virgin, was an operation of intelligence comparable to the great epic sagas in the history of humanity. … Without a drop of blood shed, without one bullet fired, fifteen hostages were liberated.