07 January 2010

Opus Anglicanum

For those familiar with tapestry work, Opus Anglicanum refers to a Mediaeval English style of fine needlework. But in this short post, I have in mind another 'Opus Anglicanum' -- a chorus of five men's voices and a narrator who present their own sort of tapestry from the chant and songs of Britain. To my surprise they are not as well known in North America as they should be; hence, this post as a short introduction and a link to their website.

I have found each of their CDs a genuine delight. For a number of years they produced a marvellous little book of chant, but it appears to be SOLD OUT at present. I sincerely hope it is once more put in print.

If you are a listener to RADIO WALSINGHAM, then you have likely heard the singing of this fine group. And if they are completely new to you, then you have something splendid awaiting your hearing.

God send us one and all a glorious Epiphanytide and a holy year of joyful service to our King and Lord Jesus Christ the Righteous.