12 July 2010

Things the Holy Father Never Taught Me

I am delighted to recommend an excellent column by Dawn Eden concerning the Theology of the Body of Pope John Paul II. Many of you will be familiar with Dawn Eden's The Thrill of the Chaste which I reckon as one of the most remarkable and important books I have read in the last few years.

I will quote a short portion from the beginning but encourage you to read the column in full:

Things the Holy Father Never Taught Me:
Unraveling a Common Myth About the Theology of the Body

by Dawn Eden

Pope John Paul II’s addresses on the theology of the body launched a new era in Catholic catechesis on sexuality and married love. Yet these teachings, popularly known as the TOB, have become subject to interpretations that their author could hardly have envisioned, as some well-intentioned authors and speakers attempt to adapt the late Holy Father’s highly philosophical verbiage into everyday language.
Perhaps no area of the TOB is subject to as much misinterpretation as its teachings on modesty. One common confusion in particular deserves a closer look. ...

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+Laus Deo