31 December 2010

Pope Benedict and St. Hildegard's Vision: Turning to the Mystics for Understanding

The following video is interesting to me because it shows just how much the tide has turned and the mystic vision is at the centre of the Pope's thinking.  Before all of the sins and scandals and the smoke of satan began to be seen in the light of day, references to visions of St. Hildegard von Bingen would not be what one would have expected because all the Curia and the modern Cardinals wanted for the most part was to get as far away from mystics, visions, and Fatima as possible.

My own experience of such conversations led me to conclude that the Church was in for a greater disaster than the initial sex abuse cases in Boston.  When one refuses to listen to the voice of the Holy Ghost or automatically rules as out of bounds anything said by the Holy Virgin Mother of God to a mystic, then one is treading on the thinnest of ice.  God sets the bounds and the rules, and should someone with a bit of authority forget that then whatever nightmare follows should surprise no one.  Here is a youtube video of Fr. Barron commenting on the Holy Father's Christmas Message to his 'family' in the Vatican and in Rome:

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As this very challenging year draws to a close, I pray God will protect all those who love His Son Jesus Christ and who honour and call Blessed the Virgin Mother of God Mary Most Holy now and as the New Year A.D. 2011 begins to dawn.  Stay close to the Lord Jesus Christ, His Holy Virgin Mother, His Church, His Sacraments and Mysteries each and every day of the New Year and it shall be a Happy New Year!

+Laus Deo!