23 July 2011

For the Departed

From the Gregorian Sacramentary.
How great is the daring, O Lord,
of that man who fears not to plead for a man,
a mortal for a mortal,
ashes for ashes,
before thee, our Lord and Master! 

But inasmuch as earth receiveth earth,
and dust is changed into dust,
until all flesh cometh back 
to that from whence it came;
therefore, O God, most loving Father,
we beseech thy loving kindness,
that thou mayest receive 
into the bosom of Abraham thy Friend,
and water with the dew of refreshment
the souls of these thy servants
which now thou bearest home
from the turbulent storm of this world. 

May they be set apart
from the fearful flame with which hell rages,
and be united by thy gift with blessed rest. 

And if any faults of theirs, O Lord, be worthy of punishment,
extend to them the kindness of thy most tender grace;
and let them not receive the wages of sin,
but feel the sweet goodness of thy mercy. 

And when the appointed time of the world is come to an end,
and the Kingdom of Heaven shall shine for all,
may they rise, gathered with all thy Saints and Elect,
to wear a crown on thy right hand.

From Eucharistic Prayers from the Ancient Liturgies
Evelyn Underhill

+Kyrie eleison imas.