23 June 2013

Prayer for the U.S.A.


Mighty God, you permitted our nation to live with no one ruling over us but you. Our presidents and government were never to reign and rule as monarchs, and our people were never again to be subjects to any mortal authority. You called us to be responsible citizens of a brave and free people whose gift of liberty was to be a shining light for all people throughout the world. But, merciful Lord, we have lost our way. Those raised to authority forget they are the servants of the People. They forget of the account they must give to you for the position of leadership you have permitted them to have. And our people grow fearful and disheartened.

Give us a clear vision of true hope in you, and give us grace to repent of our failures as a people and a nation. Stretch out your arm and remove from authority all who deceive or abuse the people of this land. Raise up the just and wise to take their place. Send forth your Spirit as a mighty wind to blow through our nation and each person till evil has no perch or foothold left. Deliver us from our past arrogance and pride, and make of us a people who are wise stewards of all your gifts to us.

Of your tender mercies, guide us to cherish the life of each one of us and to defend that Liberty without which there is no reason for our nation to exist. Make us courageous in our just pursuits and virtuous in our care of those who need our aid, and please give our nation a second chance to live up to our promise and always and everywhere praise your Holy Name, O Father, Son, and Paraclete, one God in glory everlasting. Amen.

This prayer was written by Vincent W. Uher III.  
You are welcome to reprint it under Creative Commons 3.0-Attribution U.S.