24 June 2014

Pope Francis Hymn Book


The inspired and inspiring folks at Corpus Christi Watershed (ccwatershed.org) have published another valuable traditional musical resource for the Catholic Church and Catholic Schools entitled

I hope my readers will buy the   Pope Francis Hymn Book   not only for themselves and their families but also for their priests and musicians in their home congregations, parishes, or missions.  

[Also, be sure to buy copies of the masterful 

  Pope Francis Hymn Book   is a wonderful way to invite the Church of today to participate in making beautiful music for the Lord of Hosts, but it is even more important so that the Faithful have theologically well-crafted hymn texts to sing that are in accordance with the Catholic Church's teaching of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The following is a listing of editions from the Corpus Christi Watershed website:

Purchase the Pope Francis Hymn Book: …now available! 

Forty-five (45) new hymns have been combined with the complete hymns from theVatican II Hymnal, along with nineteen Gregorian Masses and six Creeds. 

May God bless Jeff Ostrowski and all of the talented people of Corpus Christi Watershed with good health, long life, and continual inspiration from the Lord in all of their efforts for Holy Mother Church.