26 July 2014

If Christian, must watch...


Remember that ISIS/ISIL was created, trained and funded by the USA and Saudi Arabia.  

You who are citizens of the USA, your federal government is responsible for this.  

Only you can make it stop by demanding the decoupling of U.S. foreign policy from the demands of the Saudi Arabian royal family.

Only you can make it stop by demanding the defunding of any government agency or department that in any way supports the various so-called "rebels" throughout Syria, Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon, so-called rebels like al-Nusra, ISIS, or the newly declared fake Caliphate.

And we who have no earthly power, we must lay siege to Heaven with our prayers that God will act for His people and save them from this scourge.  

Someday those of us who are both U.S. Citizens and Christians will realise how great is the need for deep repentance on our part for our failure to take action to stop the evil done with impunity by our federal government,  its agencies, its armed forces — and its black projects.