26 August 2014

Article by Buddhist convert to the Catholic Faith

The following is the start of an article filled with insights for anyone interested in living the New Evangelisation and reaching out to Asian non-Christians.  I am very grateful to the author for writing it.

In his moving novel, Silence, Japanese-Catholic author Shusako Endo once described the continent of Asia as a “swamp” that choked the sapling of the Gospel and made it uninhabitable for Christianity. That image has always haunted me because a part of my own journey — as a convert to Christianity from Buddhism — has been to bridge two seemingly irreconcilable worlds. 
When I first became an Evangelical Christian as a young man, my world was transformed in many ways. But the integration between my new faith and native heritage still seemed somewhat artificial — better than a swamp, yes, but not quite home. That stirring in my heart for something more was what led me into the Catholic Church and why I followed the recent apostolic visit of Pope Francis to Asia with such great interest.

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