23 October 2014

Worthy Access: Mystery of the Body and Blood of the Lord


O you who suspended the heavens over the earth and then came down to save us, who shower your grace upon us in such abundance, and who always give us more than we can ever ask for or even think of: O gracious love of mankind, stretch forth your invisible hand, so bless'd and ever overflowing with mercy and compassion, and bless your servants, cleansing them of every stain of flesh and spirit. By your grace, make them partakers of these gifts, that, offering you this prayer in holiness and justice, we may worthily share in your most holy body and most precious blood that lie here before us.

For you are worshipped and glorified because all glory and majesty, all dominion and power belong to you, to your eternal Father, and to your all-holy Spirit: now and forever, and unto ages of ages.

Excerpted from The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom

The Divine Liturgy
New Skete
pp. 116-117