23 November 2014

R. Somerset Ward: Quality not Quantity


“What is needed above all for God’s kingdom on earth is quality. Quantity will take care of itself if we take care of quality.

“The most powerful instrument for the conversion of the world is the converted individual. Those who have a real desire and passion to help others must, of necessity, first attack their own lives and find in them the tool they can use to help others.

“The missionary spirit without the spiritual life is helpless. The failure to grasp this is responsible for the small return we perceive for such great activity.

“There is no lack of the power needed to convert the world–power and more than abundant power is waiting to be used–but the instruments which will give it free play are too few.”

R. Reginald Somerset Ward: His Life and Letters
Edmund Morgan
 A. R. Mowbray Co., Ltd
London, 1963, p. 77