22 June 2015

Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts on Laudato Si'

I have read too much spin related to Laudato Si'.  There are parts of the Encyclical that I found profound and encouraging.   But there are parts that trouble me such as Paragraph 175.  In my view, the forces of evil always seek to centralise authority, power, and control into unelected hands and to twist the best intentions of people of goodwill to nefarious purpose.

Catherine Austin Fitts
There is one report on the internet that represents an intelligent response as well as a constructive engagement with the controversial Encyclical of Pope Francis.  It makes very pointed comments that would surely make many a curial and chancery official uncomfortable.  For my part, I am very comfortable in suggesting that others read that report published by former U.S. Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts.  You may read her piercing and vigorous response on her website The Solari Report.

You may click here to be taken to her website.