02 January 2016

Blessed New Year: some notes, articles, a video


I hope the new year has begun happily for you, dear Reader.

We should remember that the new year in England once was in relation to Lady Day, but calendars change, people change, churches change.  But our God changeth never and is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Our Lord Jesus Christ —who was and is and is yet to come— is at hand.  So let us remember in 2016 that in Christ alone is the eternal New Year of Hope and Mercy. In Christ alone is our safety and security.  In Christ alone is our hope of Heaven and eternal life as we follow Him day by day by day.

Much too soon all of us in the Church and in this world will learn what it is like to live in the time "after Divine Mercy".  

In the time of Judgement, it will be very important to find ourselves on the side of the Just Judge-whose-Coming-is-Soon rather than to find ourselves on the wrong side of God-the-Word-made-flesh.  Amen?  

Amen and Amen.

As Padre Pio Santo says to us, "Pray, Hope, and Don't Worry."  (He would also tell you to get rid of your television.)

And as my sainted Sunday School teacher of yesteryear Mrs. Daisy Wegner would say, Little children, turn to Jesus.  No matter what happens in life, little children, turn to Jesus.

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I note a strong article in First Things, the 2015 Erasmus Lecture of Ross Douthat:


There is also some important information not to be missed in a post at Ecclectic Orthodoxy by Father Kimel:

And if you are needing an intravenous quadruple Espresso, here is a speech of several years ago by Harry Oldfellow:
entitled "Tradition Betrayed: The False Prophets of Modernism" at the Sacred Web Conference on "Tradition in the Modern World" held in Edmonton at The University of Alberta, September 2006.