11 August 2016

Immigrant Crisis: What to do with the Tsunami of Immigrants

There is no government in Europe, North America, or Australia that has a proper grasp of what to do with the huge number of people who have left their nations seeking admission to other nations.


The link above is to an article that appears to be the first serious attempt to address the reality of the current situation.  

Muslim immigrants do not belong in Western nations because they refuse to assimilate, they demand the institutionalisation of Sharia law, and they intend to be part of Islam's conquest of the non-Islamic nation where they are living.    

I disagree with the author in his seemingly positive evaluation of Australian detention centres which may best be called prisons outside any rule of law.  Those Australian centres are in fact the opposite of what needs to take place as I see it, because Muslim immigrants need a solution within already existent Muslim nations.  They do not have any intention to become anything other than what they are, and many of them dream of being part of Islam's conquest of a rich, non-Muslim nation.  

If cities of haven are to be built for these refugees and immigrants, then there need to be particular cities built for the Muslims, and in another location at a great distance should cities of haven be built for other refugees.  Certainly, the largely Christian West should be willing to embrace the Christian refugees and work toward solutions for them... but nothing is that easy when refugees and immigrants can be a convenient political football.

The article linked above is a must read because the answer he is proposing is consistent with the compassionate nature of Western culture which has arisen from its Christian roots.  I would definitely have said some things differently had I written the article, but I am convinced that he has identified exactly the sort of approach that is needed.