12 October 2016

Traditional Catholics, Evangelicals, and Hillary Clinton


The Wikileaks Clinton email revelations make it clear that it is necessary to defeat Hillary Clinton not only for her policies but because of the positions of her highest aides and associates which are anti-Catholic and anti-Evangelical.  John Podesta's emails reveal him to be an agent provocateur setting up fake "Catholic" organisations with George Soros' money to foment "revolution" within the Catholic Church.  This is beyond appalling and absolutely eclipses the many problems with Donald Trump's personal life and dreadful behaviour.  

I hope mass-attending Catholics and Evangelicals in the USA will take seriously the religious bigotry that is clear in these emails.  For their part the Clinton campaign refuses to comment on any of the hacked emails whilst raising the spectre of their having been fabricated ...but without providing any evidence for their accusation against Wikileaks.  

One of these Clinton lieutenants, her Communications Officer Jennifer Palmieri, claims to be Catholic, but less us be clear: she is no "Mother Angelica Catholic".  The truth is that she and others in the Clinton camp have contempt for traditional Catholics ... and who are traditional Catholics?  Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta, St. John Paul II, Mother M. Angelica of the Annunciation, PCPA, the Little Sisters of the Poor ... and the list goes on.  These are the sort of Catholics that Jennifer Palmieri and John Podesta are taking aim at, and that is why those of us who are traditional Catholics of whatever stripe or variety need to shake the dust off of us and walk away from Hillary Clinton and her campaign staff.

Any other candidate would fire John Podesta and Jennifer Palmieri so that they are completely distanced from such religious bigotry against traditional Catholics, Catholicism, and Evangelical Christians.  Of  course, we know that the Clintons do not have the decency to resign and walk away.  And those who work for them only engage in categorical denials and refusals to comment.   

For me the situation is so dire that I must write that it is necessary either to vote for the candidate opposing Hillary Clinton who has the greatest opportunity to stop her i.e.,  Donald Trump or, if we feel we cannot morally vote for a Republican or a Democrat, then we must vote for Jill Stein (Green Party) or the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.  There are also Evan McMullin and Darrell Castle who may be on the ballot in your state or are running a write-in campaign.  

Some of us may find that no candidate is a moral choice.  The option available in most states is to simply not voting for President whilst casting votes in other races.  That is the closest method available to casting a "None of the Above" ballot.

One thing is certain for a serious Catholic: voting for Hillary Clinton is out of the question.