15 July 2017

A Fervent Prayer (Anglican Patrimony)


Yea, Lord, Thou rewarder of them that diligently seek Thee,
Who art rich unto all that call upon Thee ;
the spirit indeed is willing,
but the flesh is weak.
Grant me, then grace by Thine ineffable mercy
like Thee to be in an agony,
to strive in prayer,
to wrestle till the breaking of the day ;
in spirit and in truth,
in union with the ceaseless prayer
of the Church ;
that my prayer may come up
for a memorial before Thee,

And as of old the place was shaken
when the HOLY GHOST helped the infirmity
of the prayer of the Church ;
and as there was a great earthquake
when the Apostles prayed
and sang praises unto God ;
so may it be now
while even I pray and praise Thee ;
to the pulling down of strongholds of satan,
to the glorifying of GOD the FATHER in Thee ;
in Whose name I call,
in Whose promise I trust,
JESUS, my Intercessor, my SAVIOUR,
my LORD, and my God.

Sursum Corda
A Handbook of

and Thanksgiving
W.H. Frere, D.D.
A.L. Illingworth