26 December 2017

A Difficult Ending to a Challenging Year


This year ends with me having survived a recent auto accident, but since that accident I am once again having problems with the retinas in my eyes. St. Lucy, pray for me. 

Sadly, it appears that our effort at restarting Radio Walsingham will need to come to an end because promised contributions did not materialise.  It should continue at least through the Feast of the Epiphany, and God willing a bit longer.

I am so grateful to the Lord God for every day of eyesight that I have been given, and I am glad that I was able to bring back Radio Walsingham at least for the brief time we have been back on the internet.  Judging from listeners in the USA -- who are our only listeners at present because of USA laws and broadcasting fees -- many have enjoyed listening this Advent and these first days of Christmas.  If I had the money to pay to keep it going I would, but the many years of health problems and life as a private hermit have made this a very lean year.  And when those who promised contributions do not follow through, then perhaps God is telling me that I have done what I can do... it is enough.

I do not know how active this blog will be in the New Year.  It will remain up as long as blogger.com permits it, and some pages have been recorded at archive.org which is very nice to know.

Before this year ends I want to say a special word of thanks to the many kind readers who have continued to view this blog.  I had told a family member I would close this blog after the troubles with my eyes reemerged, but it seems God does not wish me to close this blog in a final way. So, as God permits, the blog will endure, and I hope from time to time I will be able to post.

May the Lord Our God grant to each of us and to those dear to us His divine protection and the abundant help of His Holy Angels.  And may the Infant Christ, His Holy Mother, and His all-pure Guardian bless our families and the family of the Church with their perfect love.