21 January 2018

Radio Walsingham ceases broadcasting on January 24, 2018

Updated for clarification 22 Jan 2018

Radio Walsingham will cease broadcasting on Live365.com on 24 January, 2018.

I am personally grateful for those who have supported this apostolate which began as the Walsingham Hour on Catholic radio in Galveston-Houston. Then followed Radio Walsingham on the original Live365.com through which thousands of listeners from most nations of the world listened to our unique broadcasting of the great music of the Christian traditions.  

With the demise of Live365.com we thought Radio Walsingham was finished, but then Live365.com was bought by a new company and we began again. Unfortunately, US law governing copyrights, the lack of international reciprocity on copyrights and fees, and the ever-rising copyright broadcasting fee schedules in the USA made it impossible for Radio Walsingham to broadcast via internet around the world.  We could only reach those in the USA and its territories and possessions and a few other locations.  Promised financial support did not materialise, and with the US royalties set to increase again, the decision has been taken to cease broadcasting.

I would say this is the end for Radio Walsingham in this format, but one never knows what opportunities God will open up for those who seek to serve Him faithfully.   My personal prayer is that what we have done has been pleasing to Our Lord and Our Lady.  I also hope that it has been a blessing to our listeners.

Our Lady of Walsingham, pray for us.