25 May 2008


As someone said to me recently, "But your not dead yet!" Then she covered her mouth in horror realising what she had said aloud. It was a very funny moment.

I turned off this blog in January when I was extremely ill. It seems for years I have had toxic levels of heavy metals as well as uranium in my system. Growing up where I did explains the exposure to the toxic metals, but where I got the uranium is a great mystery.

Through EDTA chelation therapy I have been steadily improving. Yes, some days it feels like great leaps forward and then other days ... well, best left unsaid.

So I am now at a point where I feel I can take up this blog again and re-enter the world of email and the internet. Interestingly during this period I received notice after notice for funeral-planning services as well as a catalogue for Trappist Caskets. Now the Trappist Caskets are a very excellent idea, and while it is wise to prepare for 'final needs' ... I have no intention of leaving this particular party early!

God bless us one and all.