25 September 2009

A week of wonder

This last week has been one of wonder. On every side the love of the Blessed Trinity has come to me, and many prayers I have prayed for a long time for others have been answered.

God has given me the most tremendous blessings after Hurricane Ike that I stand amazed and overwhelmed how He has directly come to us and helped us and moved through friend and stranger to assist us in incredible ways. I do thank Him especially that my parents are still living and that we are all once again living together in this sunset of our lives. My mother is convinced that I will receive a divine healing and have many more years to serve God. At this point I have come to a place of peace where I only want what His will is for me.

My mother has had a number of serious health challenges during this last year. Please pray for God to send her healing at this present time in which she has been very ill. I pray God send St. Raphael with healing balm from heaven for the restoration of my mother's health. May God bless her doctors and nurse practitioners.