06 October 2009

Hymns by Vincent Uher with New Tunes by Noel Jones

Through the CMAA I have been very blest to enter into a collaboration with Noel Jones, a most talented composer. The CMAA is undertaking a project -- now in its alpha state, gathering in resources -- that will result in part in a printed "Parish Book of English Hymns". I am very enthusiastic about this important work, and by way of offering my support I am making available any of my texts that would be useful, licensing them under Creative Commons 3.0 so that they may be reproduced without alteration and without charge.

Noel Jones has such a gift for writing hymn tunes, and working with hymn on this project has been a genuine joy. He has written a lovely new tune for the Hymn of the Year of Priestly Jubilee (Annus Sacerdotalis) which I wrote at the request of Father Mark Daniel Kirby, O.S.B. and dedicated to Bishop Slattery of Tulsa, Father Mark, and the new community Father Mark is gathering together in Tulsa. [If you do not already read Father Mark's blog Vultus Christi, I suggest making it regular reading. Your soul will thank you.] Noel Jones has honoured me greatly by naming the tune after my family name "UHER".

Noel Jones has also written a number of other marvellous tunes for my hymn texts. Very dear to me is the text I wrote in honour of Irma More' the Foundress of Our Lady of Walsingham Institutes of Catholic Culture Studies in Houston Texas. Noel's new tune "WALSINGHAM" is simply perfect for illuminating the text.

  • Click HERE for the new "WALSINGHAM" tune with my text "Christ Is Our Hope Whom We Have Seen".

Also, on the CMAA website the following hymns of mine are paired with excellent Tunes by Noel Jones:

  • "Christ My God, My Faith Discerning" to the tune "ENGLEWOOD": Click HERE. I wrote this text in honour of Mother M. Angelica of the Annunciation on the occasion of her birthday some years ago.
  • "Behold, How Like A Monarch" to the tune "GLASTONBURY TOR": Click HERE.

My prayer is that these texts and tunes will be useful blessings to the Church in the worship of the Blessed Trinity.

My thanks to Jeffrey Tucker, Jonathan Eason, and especially Noel Jones for their encouragement and collaboration.

Laus Deo. +