20 August 2010

Needing a Helping Hand

As readers know I am fully disabled and have enormous medical bills to pay.  The debts seem overwhelming to me though for most it would simply mean a budgetary strategy to retire the debt.  Since I cannot work, I have had to creatively rely on what little I have and borrow large amounts (large to me that is) from those I love.  As I continue to decline I find I need to humbly beg for your assistance.  No amount is too small, and I will be eternally grateful to those who shall have helped me.

My heart's desire is to retire these debts and then pursue religious consecration as an anchorite/hermit under Canon 603 in the Code of Canon Law for the Latin Church.  I have found a means to fulfil my vocation in my disabled state, but I need some help with these medical debts that have mounted over the last ten years, exceeding my capacity to pay.

Donations may be made by clicking on the PayPal 'Donate' button below or at the top of the blog.  Thank you for your consideration, and please keep me in your prayers.

+Christe eleison.