23 August 2010

Tuesday MRI

On Tuesday the 24th of August I will have another MRI of my thoracic spinal cord to mark how much the syrinx has grown.  For people who suffer from syringomyelia, it is usually found that the syrinx is in the cervical spine.  My case is a bit unusual since the syrinx is in the mid to lower thoracic spinal cord and apparently has been with me since birth like the spina bifida in my lumbar vertebra.  When one reads up on it -- either from the Mayo Clinic or Wikipedia -- you get part of the story.  I found the ASAP website to be the most helpful in many ways as one who suffers from syringomyelia.
St. Gemma Galgani, pray for me.

Surgery may be in my future but up till now no recommended neurosurgeon has thought that wise given the risks involved.  I would be very grateful for your prayers for me (inside the little MRI tube) and prayers for wisdom for all of us as we decide what to do with the new information on the syrinx and its growth.

St. Gemma Galgani is the patron saint of those with back pain, spinal injuries, and related problems.  I ask St. Gemma, my dear sister in Christ, to intercede for me during this time of my great need.

+Kyrie eleison!