02 November 2013

Next they came for the Mormons ....

An example of a very common theme in the USA's current political climate (which can be characterised as 'Weimar Republic Redux':  

"Why is the Obama government targeting (fill in the blank) Church?"  

This time it is the Mormons who are being attacked and that may explain why Evangelical leaders have been making their way to Salt Lake City to speak for the first time with the LDS Church.  'Come, brethren, let us reason together...' or at least commiserate ... or better yet join forces against a common threat.

So here is a post that looks at the Obama government's attacks on the LDS Church's canneries where they prepare food in state of the art facilities for those in disasters:  http://federalistpress.com/is-obama-targeting-lds-canneries.php

Remember, little children, no matter what happens in life, Turn to Jesus!