29 November 2013

Pope Francis of the Poor

In today's Houston Chronicle (one of the last major newspapers still in existence in the USA) there are several positive Catholic articles today, and one in particular from AP regards our Pope Francis and his care of the poor:

When he was archbishop of Buenos Aires, Pope Francis was known to sneak out at night and break bread with the homeless, sit with them on the street and eat with them, as part of his aim to share the plight of the poor and let them know someone cared. That's not so easy to do now that he's pope. 

But Francis is still providing one-on-one doses of emergency assistance to the poor, sick and aged through a trusted archbishop. Konrad Krajewski is the Vatican Almoner, a centuries-old job of handing out alms — and Francis has ramped up the job to make it a hands-on extension of his own personal charity.

Pope Francis of the Poor ...  The remainder of the article may be read by clicking here.