07 October 2015

'Pregnant Mountain'


    Please click here to read about this stunning sculpture "Pregnant Mountain" in Santo Domingo, Colombia.  The link will take you to an article on LifeSiteNews.com about the sculpture and the remarkable young Christian artist Dubian Monsalve.

   From the article, Dubian Monsalve says:

   "Do not be afraid," he said, referring to other artists who struggle to express their faith. "It is something Jesus taught us, we can't remain silent. I really enjoyed doing this piece because it encompasses a universal message about life, a message to protect life from its beginning until its end and it's not worth it to give up simply because of worldly prejudices and criticism."

     Finally, he said that for him it was all about "strength, being brave and taking a chance on standing by your thoughts, your ideas, and being a Christian artist."

• • • • •

In spite of the stigma Colombia has still today, it is one of the best places for Catholics to live in many ways and for retired Catholic Canadians and Americans it makes great sense to relocate to a city like Medellín and make their home there.

I have seen too many people in retirement suffering in the USA and Canada because they simply cannot afford the cost of living, and they do not wish to live in a nation that has become godless and increasingly anti-religious if not anti-Christian.

Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, and Chile provide many options for ex-pats looking for a cheaper cost of living in a predominately Catholic nation.  Perhaps this post is God's word to someone to consider leaving the USA and Canada for parts South.  Perhaps this post is meant for you, dear Reader, to consider as well as to be encouraged by the stunning witness of the young sculptor and his amazing work on the mountainside in Colombia.