05 December 2015

NLM: Ambrosian Rite Advent Prefaces


In the Ambrosian Rite of the Catholic Church, the Season of Advent has nine Sundays beginning immediately after St. Martin's Day.  

(Perhaps at a later time I will write about the diary evidence that the nine Sundays of Advent spread far beyond the Archdiocese of Milan before the Council of Trent. The simple rule today is to look for places with elaborate St. Martin's Day festivities.  These were like Mardi Gras as the last day before the Advent Fast began.... yes, the Advent Fast.  You are observing the Advent Fast, aren't you?  Oh, sorry... modern church and all that.)

Anyhow... The New Liturgical Movement has a fine post by Gregory di Pippo regarding the gorgeous Advent prefaces that will enrich your Advent meditations.  Click here to be taken to the article at that marvellous website.

Also, please remember that RADIO WALSINGHAM is available for your Advent listening enrichment.  Click here for RADIO WALSINGHAM ONLINE.