09 February 2016

In Art and Song: Ash Wednesday


I noticed on a very fine traditional Catholic blog this bit of artwork:

The above illustration is by an Anglican illustrator and artist, the late Enid Chadwick of the Anglican Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham in Little Walsingham, England.  This, dear Reader, is part and parcel of the Anglican Patrimony which is already enriching the Latin Rite of the Church in ways unseen and perhaps unnoticed, but it is already there ... a little leaven leavening the lump.

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With Ash Wednesday comes the remembrance of a Presbyterian hymn a friend once sang to me as an example of the kind of religious song that filled her childhood.  I thought I would share the text of that fine hymn as it relates to today's themes for Ash Wednesday:

Mindful of our human frailty
Is the God in whom we trust;
He whose years are everlasting,
He remembers we are dust.

Man is like the tender flower,
And his days are like the grass,
Withered where it lately flourished
By the blighting winds that pass.

Changeless is the Father's mercy
Unto those who fear His name,
From eternity abiding
To eternity the same.

All the faithful to His covenant
Shall behold His righteousness;
He will be their strength and refuge
And their children’s children bless.

Isaac B. Woodbury, alt.
The Psalter, 1912
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
The United Presbyterian 
Board of Publication

Finally, I wish to share with you a sort of concert from the Choir of New College, Oxford. The video below includes the music from their extremely popular CD 'Agnus Dei'.  The music begins with Samuel Barber's Agnus Dei.  May this music bless your heart, soul, and mind this Ash Wednesday and as we enter into the Great and Holy Season of Lent.