04 March 2016

Massacre of Mother Teresa's Nuns in Yemen


Saudi-backed militants (read: terrorists) have brutally slaughtered Mother Teresa's nuns at a retirement care centre in Aden, Yemen.  Patients and staff were also massacred.  One nun survived by hiding in a refrigerator in a store room.

While Western press does not want to point the finger at Saudi Arabia's groups of militants operating in Yemen, it is clear that this action was consistent with the behaviour of other Saudi-backed groups including Al-Qaida and the Daesh (ISIS/ISIL).  

Some commentators in non-English sources see this as an attack on Rome by Islam.  Those with more nuanced approaches see it as a sort of proxy war with one belligerent party (the Saudi-backed militants) and one innocent party (the Roman Catholic nuns, their staff, and those for whom they cared).  Pro-Saudi commentators wish to blame Iran and the native Yemeni Shia, but few consider such claims credible.

Here is an article in The Catholic Herald: click here.

For the faithful who have died,
may they rest in peace 
and rise in the glory of Christ.