31 March 2016

Mother Angelica

It is true that at a very crucial moment in my life I did not lose my way because of Mother Angelica's counsel and prayer for me.  To have been prayed for by Mother Angelica and to have felt her hands upon me as she prayed was one of the greatest moments in my life in this natural world as that time of prayer overflowed with the love and compassion of Jesus for me in my suffering. I simply do not have adequate words to state how much I feel I owe Mother Angelica for her wisdom, her teaching, her joy, and her uncompromising witness to Jesus and His Church.

The following prayer is an old one put it into English and modified by me as a way of asking Saint Mary the Blessed Mother of Jesus to guide Mother Angelica home to Jesus her Belovèd:

                May Mary the most merciful Virgin Mother of God, 
                   kindest comforter of them that mourn, 
                commend to her Divine Son 
                the soul of His bride, Mary Angelica; 
                that, by the maternal intercession of Mary, 
                   the Spouse of the Holy Ghost, 
                this her daughter Mary Angelica 
                may overcome the pains of death and, 
                   with the Blessed Mother as guide, 
                joyfully reach her longed-for home 
                   within the heavenly realm of God the Father 
                   in the arms of Jesus her belovèd Lord and Saviour. Amen.

Mother Mary Angelica of the Annunciation, pray for us to the Lord.