14 May 2016

For USA Citizens: F. William Engdahl

I am adding this post in order to expose readers who live in the USA or are citizens of the USA abroad to the research and thought of F. William Engdahl.  Please do not assume that I am endorsing everything that Engdahl says or writes.  He possesses a perspective one would never encounter via the ordinary mainstream entertainment-news media in the USA.  He is able to speak from years of serious research and more often than not he has been proven to be largely correct.  Few US Americans have heard of him or read one of his books or articles.   He largely falls into the category of critical thinkers who have run afoul of the oligarchs in the USA like Sibbel Edmonds, Catherine Austin Fitts, or Sharyl Atkisson.

So... I post the interview below simply for the purpose of exposing others to the thinking of F. William Engdahl.  If you are a citizen of the USA and wave flags for the Democratic Party or the Republican Party, it is likely that you will not like what you hear.  You truly will not like what you hear.  

As for me I only wave the standard of God and the Lamb, but I refuse to live in a religious ghetto of silence.  His voice deserves to be heard.  The following interview is from a radio station in St. George, Utah, USA: