08 May 2016

MMR vaccine from Hell


“The bigger the lie, the bigger the truth it is concealing. The truth is what people are afraid to accept.” 
(The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

Information not reported in the mainstream news media regarding the cases of Mumps at Harvard among individuals who were vaccinated with the MMR vaccine:





There is not one vaccine manufactured in the USA that I would put in my own body.  That is not to say that it is not possible to create a safe and useful vaccine ... it is.  But in my opinion the vaccines produced in the USA and most of the world are dangerous to human life and especially the life and development of children.

It is far easier to trust "the experts" and vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate, but after years of study I would not recommend any currently produced vaccine to anyone.  There is one vaccine in Sweden that is perhaps one of the safest, but in general none of the vaccines can be considered safe because people who are in love with "population control" and "population reduction" have been caught time and again using vaccinations to sterilise unsuspecting populations around the world.  Other vaccines have been demonstrated not to work at all.  And mounting evidence shows grave problems with several of the vaccines routinely given to children.

(It has been anecdotally observed that children vaccinated before 12 noon do much better than those vaccinated in the afternoon.  While I find this interesting, it is far more important to review the science behind the vaccines, and it is vital to replace the FDA and CDC with independent bodies that are not held in thrall by the pharmaceutical industry and associated allopathic medical doctors.)