21 June 2016

Atheist Sam Harris on the Problem with Hillary Clinton, Obama, and Islam


A friend (a political Libertarian in the USA) sent me an email message with the subject "Hell froze over", and in the email message he described that "evangelical-atheist" anti-religionist Sam Harris had put forth a YouTube video with which my friend entirely agreed.  Okay, it sounds like hell did indeed freeze over.

I had privately theorised that it would only be associates of Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris who would be able to cut through the mind-numbing insanity of the political Left with regard to Islam and its attendant horrors in order to have any hope of reaching those on the political Left for whom 'political correctness' is their singular and de facto religion.  

I find it interesting how swiftly the LGBTQI activists (joined at the hip to the Left, Inc. and its religion of political correctness and anti-traditional anything) would start heaping invective upon any Leftist who decided to wander off the farm and declare that Islam is a perversion of the human spiritual impulse and a highly destructive inversion of justice and jurisprudence.  

So, what follows below is Sam Harris' statement on YouTube (and apologies in advance if there are any objectionable advertisements prior to his statement):

It does bear stating that there are all sorts of problems with the official narrative of the Orlando massacre that could lead one to believe apart from the reality of those murdered that the whole story is as fake, fake, fake as the US government's absolute lie about a video being responsible for the monstrous evil at Benghazi in Libya.  

Some of what the Orlando official story does not tell us: (a)The Orlando assassin Omar Mateen was an actor (whose IMDB page has been scrubbed recently). (b) Mateen was known to frequent gay bars and have relationships with gay men. The Brazilian press reports that the FBI told Mateen's ex-wife not to mention publicly his homosexual activities. (c) He worked for G4S (former Wackenhut) which is a front for the CIA.  

There is a very great deal wrong with the story emerging from official government sources as there has been something stinkingly wrong with every similar official U.S. government story going back to the USA's bombing of their own ship the USS Maine.