20 April 2017

Recalling the Oklahoma City Bombing


Most of us know nothing of U.S. Brigadier General Benton K. Partin's letter to then Senator Trent Lott or his report on the Oklahoma City Bombing. There is no mention of him, the letter, or his report observations in the Wikipedia article on the Oklahoma City bombing. An informal survey showed me that no one knew anything of this (including myself), so I offer the following links, one to an article by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (who was Assistant Secretary of Treasury)) and the actual letter by General Partin to Senator Lott:

1. Article by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: LINK
2. Gen. Partin to Senator Lott: LINK

There is always more to an historical event than is found in the Official Story. I expect there will be a great deal uncovered in the years to come, but if the past is any indication, many will still prefer to hold onto the Official Story long after it has been disproven.

For the victims of the Oklahoma City bombing, may they rest in peace in the arms of the Divine Mercy, Our Lord Jesus Christ.