07 June 2017



RADIO WALSINGHAM has returned!

As with Radio Walsingham's first 10 years of broadcasting, I am the volunteer chief cook and bottle washer.  I find the music that we broadcast, and I prepare the basic playlists that are scheduled throughout the broadcasting day.  

Click here to go to the main page for Radio Walsingham's broadcast stream.  There is a blue and white 'Listen Now' button that will start the broadcast stream.

I hope you will share with others the news that RADIO WALSINGHAM has returned !

Unfortunately if you live in Germany or a few other countries outside of the USA copyright laws prohibit you from listening to our broadcast at this time.  One can easily work around this by installing a VPN that allows you to make your computer appear to be located in the USA.  There are several on the market, and most of them have indelicate names. I would not let that put you off if it is the means through which you can listen to music and programming in the USA or other nations.