05 June 2017

Liturgical Books I am selling on Ebay


I have decided to return to Galveston Island. I left after Hurricane Ike and the destruction of my home. Now it is clear I am to move back and begin anew.  

As a part of that I am selling some of my more valuable books on eBay. Here is a listing for a fine edition of The Sarum Missal by Orthodox Priest Fr. Aidan Keller: LINK

At the moment only one book is listed but I will be listing an unused edition of the Haydock Douay-Rheims Holy Bible and a number of other books that should be of interest to Christians from various traditions.

I will also be selling a new book that concerns the matter of 'aerial toll-houses' in the afterlife as taught non-dogmatically by some in the Eastern Orthodox Churches.  Some equate this teaching to the Roman Catholic doctrine of Purgatory, but there is no relation between the two. 

I will note on this blog when I have listed more items on eBay.  But for the time being the only book listed is The Sarum Missal in the Keller Edition.