31 July 2012

Anglican Patrimony: On the BVM

John Pearson [from An Exposition of the Creed.  On the words of Aricle III, "Born of the Virgin Mary."  Ed. Oxford (E. Burton), 1864, p. 321.  Cp. note on No. 13.]

St. Anne, B.V.M., & the Child Jesus*
In respect of her [i.e., of the Blessed Virgin] it was therefore necessary that we might perpetually preserve an esteem of her person, proportionable to so high a dignity.  It was her own prediction, From henceforth all generations shall call me blessed ; but the obligation is ours to call her, to esteem her so. If Elizabeth cried out with so loud a voice, Blessed art thou among women, when Christ was but newly conceived in her womb, what expressions of honour and admiration can we think sufficient now that Christ is in Heaven, and that Mother with Him!  

Far be it from any Christian to derogate from that special privilege granted her, which is incommunicable to any other.  We cannot bear too reverend a regard unto the Mother of Our Lord, so long as we give her not that worship which is due unto the Lord Himself.  Let us keep the language of the Primitive Church.  Let her be honoured and esteemed, let Him be worshipped and adored.
*Image is an East Window in St. Andrew's Hingham