07 July 2012

A New Flag for Italy

A Christian nation's flag

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Tricolore Defaced by a Crimson Cross by Vincent William Uher III 

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In 2009 there was quite a bit on the internet concerning the desire of Italians to place a Cross upon their Tricolore (in terms of vexillology "defacing the Tricolore with a Cross"). Some wanted to place a large central cross in gold on top of ('defacing') the three colours of the Italian flag. Andrew Cusack provided some interesting possibilities, and the best idea to my mind -- as a rejoinder to the non-practicing Finnish Lutheran in the court case that resulted in the European Court ruling against the Crucifix in Italian schools -- involved an adaptation of the Italian colours to the Finnish and Scandinavian cross patterns from their national flags.

So here I am (someone with an ancestor named Garibaldi) sketching in the Cross of Christ upon the Tricolore.

My final idea was to deface the Tricolore with a crimson cross, so I worked with that idea until I created this flag sketch.   Be advised that the colours in the sketch are not the exact hues for the Tricolore, but are rather an approximation made quickly on my little laptop -- though I do think these colours are strong and substantial. Click on the flag below to see it larger.

A Flag Proposed for Italy

It is extremely handsome when hung as a banner or rendered as a pennant, and those are important questions about the vexillological integrity of the idea ... together with the various uses and adaptations of the national flag that would be employed at everything from sporting events to solemn state occasions.

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+Viva Cristo Re!