30 July 2012

Rorate Caeli Blog

The traditional Latin Mass blog Rorate Caeli has taken up the matter of Msgr. Steenson's latest statement:

In other blogs it is alleged that Cardinal Wuerl, Fr Hurd, and Msgr Steenson apparently do not want Ordinariate priests learning how to celebrate the Extraordinary Form of the Mass and are intent on denying them the right or opportunity to celebrate the Extraordinary Form of the Mass.   Some say this is all Cardinal Levada's doing.  Really?

Is any of this true?  And if it is true, what gives these men the right to eviscerate Summorum Pontificum and Anglicanorum coetibus? As is to be expected this points not to all Ordinariates but rather points to a particular problem with the Ordinariate in North America.  (And, yes, it may point to a problem in what was Cardinal Levada's office.)  

Unfortunately, in today's retelling of the story the young child who cries out "The Emperor has no clothes!" gets shot.  Dear readers, where there is smoke, there is fire. 

Of course this development points beyond the Ordinariates toward the whole of the Latin Rite.  Bishops everywhere are doing everything they can to prevent the celebration of the Extraordinary Form of the Holy Mass.

In light of the New Evangelisation, I pray the Vicar of Christ will grant the faculty to celebrate multiple masses to his priests of the Latin Rite so as to meet the needs of the missionary field especially that missionary field of Europe and those of the English-speaking nations. I beg the Holy Father to give every priest the universal Pontifical right to celebrate Holy Mass according to the Extraordinary Form without reference to any other authority between the priest and the Vicar of Christ. 

How else are the priests and People of the Church to get around the Cabal that serves the Shining Darkness, that same Cabal that has its hands clutched to choking around the neck of Holy Mother Church.

+Kyrie eleison imas.