10 July 2012

Besetting troubles of a Church in shambles


First, I encourage reading this blog post at the Chant Café which is related to what I have to say in brief in this blog post.

I am reminded of St. Columba's prophecy that Ireland would be covered over by the a great wave of the sea before the people had entirely lost the faith.  I pray that it will not be a great wave of the ocean but rather a wave of the Holy Ghost recalling Ireland to its right mind in Christ so it can once again lead Europe out of the grip of the Shining Darkness into the splendour and majesty and Light of our Living Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

However, both in Ireland and throughout the world, the Catholic Church today is in a very similar place to where the Church was at the height of the heresy of Arius where nearly everyone embraced the evil heresy of Arianism.  Today so many bishops, clergy and people embrace a heresy that is as equally as corrosive for the soul as 'Arianism' but this heresy has not yet been adequately named, denounced, and challenged wherever it may be found.

Today's 'new Arianism' is not a revival of the original: rather than dealing with the person & spiritual and bodily form of the Son of God and the inner relationships of the Godhead, today's heresy is obsessed with the human body in its capacity for pleasure and self-satisfaction. It insists on a rupture with the past so that the person can get what they want to pleasure themselves in the Now.  

In fact, this 'new Arianism' as I call it  is a widespread religio-political movement in the Church whose central cherished ideal is revolution and whose ethical, spiritual, and theological substance is unbridled sexuality, unhinged sensuality, and absolute service to the self over the needs of others.  This revolution of which I speak is ordinarily spoken of as "the spirit of Vatican II" (a very wicked spirit I dare say), and under its rubric all manner of mischief is done.

A number of you have asked in the past  that I expand upon these thoughts.  For now it is enough to ask you to consider that the 'new Arianism' is here and every bit as self-congratulatory as the original heresy.  This new 'Arianism' -- as I call it metaphorically -- is nothing more or less than an unrelenting revolutionary charge in favour of unilateral, self-centred actions with an unrelenting compulsion to seek and lust after physical, sexual, and personal emotional pleasures at the expense of everything and everyone else.  

Instead of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the hierarchs, priests, and people serve up a "show', an 'entertainment', a spectacle with all of the glamour of the age.  We like it, and so we shall have it.  Dear reader, have nothing to do with it.   

+Kyrie eleison imas.