28 July 2012

Queen Elizabeth for President


I suppose it was only a matter of time.  I have read on a number of blogs and social networks statements of great disgust by U.S. citizens with regard to the presumptive candidates for the Repbulican and Democratic Parties in the U.S. General Election this November.  Most striking to me have been the many statements that echo the following, "That does it. I'm voting for Queen Elizabeth!"

At first I thought it was merely a humorous statement of frustration, but now there appears to be a deeply felt need expressed in the thought.  In part it is simply a protest statement, but it seems many U.S. Americans long for a kind of leader who is above the sordid world of politics, a leader like Her Majesty the Queen.  Some have expressed this very simply and directly as "Queen Elizabeth for President" or "Elizabeth Windsor for President!"  
There are many kinds of monarchists -- fanatics, absolutists, constitutionalists, nostalgics -- but the expression at heart of these various quips and declarations of 'Queen Elizabeth for President' is a realisation that the USA is sorely impaired without a living anointed monarch, a visible constant personification of the nation who is neither elected nor expressive of the political struggle of the nation and who in that most ancient sense connects the people and the Land with the Divine. The symbols of the U.S. Flag, the various Monuments, the White House, the Capitol Building, even the currency formerly known as the Greenback simply cannot do the job they once did.  Ergo, EIIR 4 Prez.

Americans have long had a not so secret love-affair with the British Royal Family.  Only in America do you find the Duchess of York with many, many fans and supporters.  And now in this Her Majesty's Jubilee Year there is indeed a great longing for someone like the Queen or Prince William (but not Prince Charles, thank you) to serve as non-political Head of State ... but there is no getting around it ... lots of U.S. Americans simply want the Queen.  And in what is shaping up to be a very bad election year it is no surprise to hear or read the sentiment "Her Majesty for President!" -- an idea only an American could dream up.

And true to U.S. American entrepreneurial spirit, one can even celebrate this idea with bumper stickers, fridge magnets, and car magnets through the Queen Elizabeth for President shop.  I kid you not.  To be sure it is perhaps more a form of political protest than anything, but I won't be surprised for a minute when I see these start popping up on cars driving down the roadways of Texas and the rest of America.  

+God save the Queen!