03 July 2012

'Revolving Door'

From Sandro Magister's blog:  

VATICAN CITY, July 3, 2012 – Last week came the announcement of the appointment of a new secretary of the congregation for divine worship. It is the English bishop Arthur Roche. He replaces Joseph Augustine Di Noia, who told Catholic News Service, the online agency of the episcopal conference of his country, the United States, that he was "flabbergasted" that he had to leave the position after only three years. In effect, in the six years of Benedict XVI's pontificate, Di Noia is the third churchman to have left the position of second in command of this Vatican dicastery before the end of the five-year canonical mandate. An anomalous record. All the more so in that the dicastery in question is the one that has specific competencies over the liturgy, a question that is extremely close to the heart of Benedict XVI.

Some have written me that it is not a very encouraging thing that the head of the Anglicanae traditiones Commission was removed from his position as Secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship by the decision of the Holy Father ... who chose to remove him before the end of his term in office.  I do not know about that.  After the debacle with the SSPX document, one knew that heads would roll and there would be a general shuffling of portfolios.  This may be a very good thing for him and for us, and so we should pray for the Lord's blessing upon the whole of it and each person involved.